The Law of Attraction And The Paradox (Part 2)
The REAL Sequence of Manifesting
(by Susan James)

As most of us study and or have studied The Law of
Attraction, we teach ourselves that as we place an
intention, and all of the mechanics of what that means,
how to etc…THEN by the nature of the working of the
LOA, we manifest that intention.

It’s a sequence of how to, as it pertains to thought
energy and how to use it, in order to attract our
desires/intentions manifest.

That is the Phase I.
Phase 2 is Well, Not Exactly.

What we may learn in Phase 2 are two things:

1. We learn that the sequence of how we manifest is not
as we have been taught in Phase 1; which is why we don’t
yet have some of the things that we really, really want.

We begin to understand what being aware really
means. Being aware means, that our human consciousness
has expanded to a place where it understands how we
manifest and create, but doing so outside of the human
consciousness applications to the LOA.

Part of this becoming aware is seeing a different sequence
to how we manifest. Seeing it and reading it, from our
human selves. This means, that we see with our human
mind that the way we really manifest operates differently
and sequentially outside…….of the LOA, while using the
LOA to bring us to higher levels of consciousness and
understanding. In other words, we need to enter the
garden gates of understanding and applying the LOA, so
that we spring into being able to read the new sequence of
how we really create our lives.

We begin to read it. However…..being able to read it
and then use it to manifest, means we have to expand
from the layer of haze energy that has kept us from
seeing to this point.

To simplify it further, its like, we get a sneak peak of the
presents under the Christmas tree, before Christmas day
arrives. We know those presents are ours, they have our
names on them PLUS we already peeked in the box and
we know what it is. And we no longer need to add to it,
the vibration of excitement to tell us anything. It
doesn’t mean we don’t feel excited, anymore… simply
means, that we become very matter of fact in how we
see things.

If we were in a game of Bridge or Poker, we would
already know what the other guy is holding, and what our
next cards are before they are dealt.

Does this mean, we can see our own future? Yes, but
only from a place of expanding our understanding; as is
always the case.

By the time the thought hits our human consciousness
level of something we want to manifest, it has already
been created. It is ours. This, in and of itself, is what most
of us have heard before, and relates to the 5th dimension.
I’ve personally written on this theme many times.

But, the thing that happens, is as we do the work to
expand from the barrier haze that stands between us and
the new sequence of seeing how things manifest, we will
continue to operate and try and to manifest from Level 1
of our current understanding of applications of the law of

It’s that haze barrier, which affects linear time. It’s that
haze barrier, that kills our dreams. It’s that haze barrier,
that moves us from our intended path, the one that would
feel so great for us.

As we expand beyond the haze barrier, we begin to read
and see a different sequence in how we manifest our
physical lives.

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